Child/Youth and Family


Wednesdays: April 2 to June 4, 2014

This 10-week group supports parents and caregivers of preteens, ages 8 to 13 with difficult behavioral and emotional problems. Each week parents will meet in a small group with trained leaders and learn new perspectives on parent/preteen relationships and preadolescent development.

Connect Parenting Group

Tuesdays: April 8 to June 10, 2014

This group supports parents and caregivers of teens with difficult behavioral and emotional problems. Each week parents will meet in small groups with trained leaders and learn new perspectives on parent/teen relationships and adolescent development.

Keeping the Peace at Home

Thursday: April 17 to May 15, 2014

Life, for many families has become more and more stressful. Simply navigating the daily routines of work, school and extracurricular activities can be exhausting. It’s easy to understand why sometimes its our own emotions rather than our intellect driving the behaviors.

Empowerment Seminars for Girls

Saturday May 3, 2014

Calgary Family Services presents these fun and empowering workshops designed for girls ages 11 to 16. Participants build confidence by creating goals and celebrating past successes, and learn new ways to express feelings through music and art.

school-based acting

Act Out!

Act Out! is an innovative school-based program for junior high age youth which uses drama as a way to learn, grow and deal with tough situations and life choices. A troupe of counsellors and actors present real life teen scenarios, and youth have a chance to join the scene to learn through acting.

Adoption Counselling

Adoption support includes involvement in engaging and reparative activities that promote attachment, build trust, and provide encouragement for promoting a positive relationship.

family counselling

Child/Youth & Family Counselling

Counsellors provide services from our downtown office as well as several other offices throughout Calgary. Calgary Family Services provides counseling to all people regardless of their culture, race, sexual orientation, income, faith, or language.

counselling in schools

Counselling in Schools

In an effort to meet the challenges of youth from elementary through high school, Calgary Family Services offers access in schools to confidential counselling including one-on-one, family and group work. Counsellors are focused on finding solutions and positive outcomes.

Eagle's Back Program

The Eagle's Back program strives to encompass the vital components necessary to successfully reclaim the strengths of Aboriginal families in Calgary.

Inner City Community Resource Centre

Family Centre for Inner City Communities

The Family Centre connects you with resources in the community such as food, clothing, shelter and employment. We are committed to providing information, referrals and support for familes with children and youth in inner city communities.

boys school-based odyssey


Odyssey is a school-based program that provides a space and a place for boys to belong and build protective factors such as learning to make positive responsible choices and build healthy relationships.

girls after-school starbright


Starbright is an after-school program for grade 6 girls. It provides education and opportunities based on a creative curriculum and positive support and leadership. It assists girls in becoming strong, capable, adult women.

girls after-school starbright


Starburst are school-based programs for junior high girls. Each program supports adolescent development, fosters resiliency and empowers girls through group programming, recreational sessions, family enhancement, volunteering, mentoring and individual support.

emergency childcare

Urgent Family Care

Sometimes a family crisis makes it impossible for parents to take care of their children in their own home without outside help. When no other family or community resources exist, certified child care workers provide subsidized, day-time child care on a short term basis for families in need.

get involved

Get Involved

GROW YOUR HEART by volunteering for programs that equip individuals with resources, personal growth and development opportunities, through empowerment to live resiliently in a turbulent world.

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