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Older Adults
Putting Yourself First

Creative Aging

Tuesdays, April 1 to May 20

Add life to your years, not just years to your life! In the company of supporting continual learners, preparing for the 'second half of our life' can indeed be a strengthening and creative experience.

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Hoarding Support Group

Making Room: Hoarding Support Group

Every second Monday

Calgary Family Services provides this
monthly drop-in support group for people who hoard or collect excessively.

Group dates for 2014 are now availabe.

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Community Projects

Community Development

Older adults have a lifetime of experience and wisdom to contribute to their community. We support life-long engagement by providing opportunities to contribute and take leadership roles in community projects.

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Counselling for Older Adults


The Older Adult Counselling team offers groups and non-crisis counselling for older adults who want to create positive change for themselves and enhance relationships with others, as well as specialized supports for Hoarding and Elder Abuse.

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Elder Abuse Awareness

Elder Abuse Response Team

Elder abuse is a prevalent issue that impacts individuals, families and the Calgary community. Since April 2011 the Elder Abuse Response Team has been working to support older adults who have experienced abuse. The goal of the EART is to reduce elder abuse in Calgary.

Elder Service Corps

Elder Service Corps

Elder Service Corps members are older adults (65+) who want to use their skills and experiences to contribute to community well-being. The program combines opportunities for life-long learning and life-long service to create meaningful and lasting connections.

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Honouring You

Honouring You!

This Empowerment Seminar is offered to both men and women aged 65+. It is designed to help participants achieve a stronger sense of self by exploring personal growth.

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The Way In - Calgary Older Adult Services

(formerly Outreach Program)

Calgary Family Services provides support to vulnerable older adults and their families who live in North, West and Central Calgary. Service Coordinators provide information and connect people to services and resources that they need to remain active and engaged.
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Managing Depression

Managing Depression (Ages 55+)

Depression is often associated with feelings of sadness or "having the blues". It can manifest as a variety of physical, emotional and/or cognitive symptoms that can negatively impact a person's ability to function effectively in daily life.
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Personal Growth Group

Personal Growth Group

The Older Adult Personal Growth Group will build upon the skills, insights and goals introduced in the 8 week Gathering Your Wisdom Group and/or the Honouring You! Empowerment Seminar.

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Senior Support

Senior Support

Our Senior Support Program provides in-home services to vulnerable older adults that help them stay in their homes and retain their long-time community connections.
As at July 2013, this program is full.

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Musical Social Group

Sounds of home

These are 8-week groups with the purpose of promoting cultural understanding through music.

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GROW YOUR HEART by volunteering for programs that equip individuals with resources, personal growth and development opportunities, through empowerment to live resiliently in a turbulent world.

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