Empowerment Seminars for Men

The key to a happy, healthy life can be found by tapping into your own inner potential. But finding this, while achieving and maintaining a balance between responsibilities, and personal needs can be challenging.

This workshop is designed to help participants explore and find the inner potential they hold within. Learn to identify areas that cause stress and how to overcome them. Identify your goals, find your strengths and learn tools that will allow you to become more effective in relationships, while increasing your awareness and resilience.

Here I Am: Lessons LearnedHere I Am: Lessons Learned

Calgary Family Services is proud to promote this book written by the founder of the Nurture Yourself Program, Dr. Irene Estay.

Here I Am: Lessons Learned contains powerful messages from the author and also from participants of empowerment seminars who have learned to rewire their brains and began to look at their lives from different lenses, once they have understood the power of their memories and how those memories are no longer supporting them.

To buy this book you can order it online through Irene's website or contact Laurie by phoning 403.537.3381.

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